Elevator Night

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Once a quarter I throw a “Shark Tank” style event in LA called “Elevator Night” which is free of charge for 12 companies to pitch to 100’ish of my angel investor friends for 5 minutes each on stage.  It’s an experience bringing together some of the most successful and affluent individuals around the globe for a half day, full night opportunity to invest in a selection of hand-picked and committee reviewed companies. Presenting companies must be raising less than $1,000,001 and around half of them get funded on average, but 100% of them make great relationships from my network of active angel investor friends that want to see them succeed.

People often ask me why we throw this event for free for the start-up’s to present and free for the 100’s of guests to attend when there’s so much expense, time & effort in putting this together.  My answer is always the same, it’s an excuse to get a bunch of my wealthy friends & a lot of entrepreneurial start-ups into a room every few months in order to cause lots of new business & relationships amongst our circle as well as bring everyone together like a think tank where new ideas and creative fresh insight on existing ideas can be forged.  I’m always humbled by how many angel investor friends show up & even fly in for our quarterly “Elevator Night” events.

For more info please visit… https://elevatornights.com